People Before Profits

We are Tucson lawyers who focus on complex civil litigation, including personal injury, medical malpractice and commercial business disputes. From ordinary negligence claims to multi-district court litigation to class action lawsuits, we take cases other firms regard as too risky or complicated. We are passionate about protecting people in Tucson and Southern Arizona who are wronged. Whether you are the victim of an bicycle accident, a truck accident, a defective drug or implant, an environmental injury, the VW diesel emissions fraud, or have been harmed by a medical professional, we will work aggressively to protect your interests. Tough cases require a law firm with resources. Our attorneys, working with expert witnesses and other professionals, have those resources.

McNamara Law Firm, PLLC: Southern Arizona Trial Lawyers

The number of accomplished trial lawyers in Southern Arizona with actual courtroom experience is limited. Our Tucson law firm has decades of experience in the courtroom. If your case goes to trial a seasoned trial lawyer with over 30 years of experience will be fighting for your rights.

Our mission is to give victims a voice and the resolution they deserve. We take this responsibility seriously and bring a passion for the law, unsurpassed ethics, and a commitment to justice to every case we take. We know litigation can be stressful, so we strive to simplify the process, and to resolve your dispute as expeditiously as possible, and always, with dignity and professionalism.

We know how to say, "No" to an opposing party.

We also know how to get an opposing party to say, "Yes" - whether that comes by a privately agreed upon settlement, or a decision by a Judge, Jury or an Appellate Court.

Your Voice + Our Attorneys Behind You

We face the biggest companies in the world without backing down, and we work for what is legally and morally right: fair compensation for our clients.

Legal Experience

Our experience and legal knowledge help us effectively achieve the results you want:

  • Decades of combined trial experience;
  • We have the resources necessary to handle complex lawsuits. We've litigated cases that lasted five years or longer, requiring an investment in excess of over 1 million dollars in attorney's fees, and, advanced costs in a single case in excess of $300,000;
  • We have won numerous multi-million dollar verdicts, and defended cases involving multi-million dollar verdicts;
  • We have handled countless Tucson cases resulting in multi-million dollar settlements;
  • Our firm is rated AV* Preeminent by Martindale-Hubbell; and
  • We appear in all Federal and State courts in Arizona and have appeared before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit and the United States Supreme Court.

As Tucson plaintiff's attorneys, we use our knowledge of insurers' tactics and methods to negotiate with and litigate against insurance companies to achieve the best results for our clients. Personal Injury, medical malpractice and commercial law are complicated areas. We bring experience and passion to every case we take.