Psychological Malpractice

Tucson Psychological and Psychiatric Negligence and Malpractice Lawyers

When You or a Loved One Doesn't Receive The Help Needed

When psychological or psychiatric malpractice occurs, grave consequences can result: injuries from medication, delayed recoveries, and even suicide and violent crime.

If you or a loved one are the victim of psychological or psychiatric malpractice, we can provide experienced assistance.

Our lawyers have handled dozens of psychological, psychiatric, medical and professional malpractice cases. We are able to provide aggressive and knowledgeable representation against counselors, analysts, psychologists and psychiatrists. Our Tucson Psychiatric malpractice lawyers have handled mental health negligence cases involving:

  • Failure to promptly refer clients to mental health services
  • Ineffectual and improper therapy
  • Failure to assess suicide risks and respond to the same, resulting in a patient's suicide
  • Injuries to third parties resulting from a failure to anticipate and prevent violent behavior
  • Permanent injuries due to the improper use of psychotropic medications
  • Injuries caused by naturopathy, homeopathy, and other unscientific medical practices and therapies

Do you have questions regarding diabetes, seizures, psychosis or other problems resulting from mental health medication? Do you suspect that the prescription drugs you or a loved one received for schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, dementia, depression or anxiety were improperly prescribed? Were you or a loved one injured by someone currently receiving psychological or psychiatric treatment?

We have successfully handled numerous Southern Arizona mental health malpractice cases involving a wide variety of issues ranging from implanted memories to iatrogenic multiple-personality to psychosis, severe depression and suicide during psychological treatment.

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