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Auto, Property and Life Insurance Claims

When Insurers Violate Your Rights

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People purchase auto, homeowner's and life insurance policies to protect against uncertainties. When accidents occur, insurance companies are bound to make prompt payment according to the terms of the policy.

Unfortunately, both large and small insurers can be skilled at delaying or avoiding payment for damaged cars and damaged homes, and for life insurance payouts following the death of a loved one.

We provide experienced representation when auto, property/homeowner and life insurers fail in their duty to make timely and sufficient payments following covered losses. If you are engaged in an insurance dispute, we can help.

Has your car, truck, home, business or life insurance provider failed to compensate you for losses you believe are covered under your insurance policy? Contact us at 520-624-0126

We believe complex insurance disputes separate the best lawyers from the rest. Complex questions can immediately arise:

  • Is the loss really covered under law which is controlling as to the terms of the policy?
  • Will money be available from the insurer in cases for a party at fault, where the policy is held by another party?
  • If the insurer faces financial issues, can a parent company or individual owner be held responsible?
  • How should the validity of an insurer's claims that coverage does not apply be analyzed?

Almost every member of our team is a former insurance defense attorney with a minimum of 15 years experience handling insurance disputes for both insurance companies and policy holders. For a no-charge discussion of your auto, property or life insurance delay and underpayment case, contact McNamara Law Firm, PLLC.