Knee and Hip Replacement

Hip & Knee Injury Evaluation

Hip and knee replacements that were intended to last 15 years are having to be re-done after only a few.

Those surgeries were intended to help people. Instead, the implants are failing at alarming rates. Worse, metal-on-metal hip replacements are causing severe health problems due to small metal ions being released into your blood.

Increasingly, patients are complaining about significant pain after hip and knee replacement surgeries. Hip and knee implants are known to have complications, including infection and joint dislocation. Patients are now facing hip and knee revision surgery, or multiple revision surgeries.

At McNamara Goldsmith, P.C., we specialize in assisting individuals who've had the following implants:

  • Stryker;
  • DePuy A.S.R. Hip;
  • Wright CONSERVE Total Hip System;
  • Wright PROFEMUR Total Hip System;
  • DePuy Pinnacle;
  • Metal on Metal hip replacements; and,
  • Zimmer NexGen Flex.

What can you do?

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