Professional Malpractice

When Professionals Fail to Solve Important Problems 

Doctors, lawyers, architects, accountants, engineers and other professionals are usually well paid for their services. However, the quality of service delivered can vary. When the service you receive fails to solve your problem, or creates different problems, you may have an actionable case for professional malpractice.

We have extensive experience successfully litigating professional malpractice cases throughout Arizona, including:

  • Medical malpractice cases involving failure to diagnose, birth injuries, emergency room errors and other injuries and acts of negligence
  • Engineering malpractice, including negligent road design
  • Accountant malpractice. Firm attorney Mike McNamara is a CPA and can provide knowledgeable representation in these types of cases
  • Psychological and psychiatric malpractice involving failure to refer, improper therapies, inadequate suicide precautions, injuries to third parties, injuries due to improper medication and increased or new psychological problems

Attorney malpractice, including negligent and incompetent handling of personal injury and wrongful death cases involving drowning, motorcycle, car and truck accidents, and construction site accidents. We have also handled attorney malpractice cases involving drug and alcohol abuse on the part of the attorney.

We Have Handled Dozens of Malpractice Cases, Including Attorney Malpractice Cases

Lawyer malpractice occurs, especially in complex and long-term cases. Did your attorney run out of the resources necessary to prove your case? Did he or she accept your medical malpractice, bad faith, or class action case and then was unable to fully comprehend the scope and details of the case issues?

We have handled the most complex of civil litigation cases involving hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs. We have handled complex environmental, and insurance coverage class action litigation involving millions of dollars in damages and requiring 5 or more years of litigation. Contact us for immediate answers regarding attorney malpractice and all forms of professional negligence and malpractice.