A very specialized practice area, tire defect litigation requires a relentless and thorough law firm. The trial lawyers of McNamara Law Firm, PLLC are not afraid of standing up to the large tire manufacturing companies. Many tire litigation law firms claim to be the best: why should you choose McNamara Law Firm, PLLC to represent you as an injured victim? You want to choose a law firm that is well versed in all aspects of tire defect litigation and knows what it takes to obtain successful results.

McNamara Law Firm, PLLC can help you handle a wide variety of legal matters associated with tire failure such as:

  • Tire recalls

  • Auto accidents

  • Manufacturer lawsuits

  • Tread separation liability

Proving that a tire is faulty can be difficult. But we can help you identify the signs of defective tires so that you can pursue your claim with confidence. We have actual institutional knowledge of how to win these cases and utilize various theories to prove that tires suffer from quality defects. Call us at 520-624-0126.