Truck Accident

When Ordinary Personal Injury Legal Services Aren't Enough

Truck accident legal cases, though sometimes complex, often boil down to "who is liable and for how much". Semi truck accident cases are almost always more complex and demand the involvement of an experienced truck accident lawyer. How?

Attorneys handling truck accident claims must have extensive knowledge of federal trucking industry regulations and statutes. Truck accidents demand a thorough investigation of driving logs, GPS/"black box" records and other evidence. An attorney must have the ability to handle these issues.

We have recovered Millions of Dollars for Accident Victims in Tucson

At the Tucson litigation firm of McNamara Law Firm, PLLC, we have the experience to effectively handle your semi truck and 18-wheeler accident case, as well as accidents involving:

  • Delivery vehicles, including UPS and Fed Ex trucks
  • Municipal vehicles
  • Company-owned cars

When handling your case, we will immediately pursue important evidence. The first step? Sending a certified letter to the trucking company the day you hire us that demands that it preserve specified evidence.

We will then use our extensive resources to work with all necessary experts to investigate and build your claim, including:

  • Accident reconstructionists
  • Former law enforcement officials
  • Investigators
  • Regulation experts
  • Tire and seat belt experts
  • Engineers, who can create a computer reconstruction of the accident

We can investigate the driver's driving record and the company's hiring practices and history, and pursue maximum compensation for you. Our lawyers have recovered numerous significant awards following truck accidents, and have handled cases ranging from minor injuries to wrongful death. Call us at 520-624-0126.

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