Bair Hugger

Southern Arizona Patients with Deep Joint Infection Following Hip or Knee Replacement Surgery

You may have been harmed by a warming blanket used by surgeons during joint replacement and orthopedic implant procedures. Unfortunately, they have been
linked to serious infections in joint replacement patients.

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What is a Bair Hugger?

The Bair Hugger is a warming device which maintains a patient's body temperature during joint replacement surgery. Because the device utilizes forced air there is reason to believe it may blow bacteria into a patient's body during open surgical procedures, resulting in deep joint infections.

How Does Infection Happen?

Experts allege that the Bair Hugger picks up germs from the floor of the operating room, then transports them to the sterile surgical field where they attach to orthopedic implants. Because of the nature of the implant, the bacteria secretes a protective bio-film, which is almost impervious to antibodies and antibiotics, unlike bacteria interacting with a patient's natural anatomy. Some patients with this type of infection require multiple surgeries and numerous courses of high-dose medicines.

Is There Evidence?

Yes, several peer-reviewed studies demonstrate that the Bair Hugger transmits infection. And, the inventor of the product, Dr. Scott D. Augustine, has himself renounced the device for almost five years, urging hospitals to stop using the Bair Hugger because of this dangerous design flaw.

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