Defective Products

Defective Drugs, Implants and Medical Devices Harm and Kill

Orthopedic implants, prescription medications and surgical tools earn billions of dollars for the corporations that create them. In a climate of huge profits and competition some pharmaceutical companies take short cuts when determining the safety and efficacy of their products. They pay millions, sometimes billions, to settle with injured patients and still net huge proceeds.

Defective Implants

Defective Drugs


People Before Profits

At McNamara Law Firm, PLLC we fight for patients in Southern Arizona who have been harmed by defective medical products and medical malpractice. We are outraged that Tucson patients and their doctors are misled by big business. We are passionate about bringing these corporations to justice. If you have been harmed, we are the Tucson medical malpractice lawyers, with decades of experience. We can help. We have earned millions of dollars for Tucsonans who we represented. We have decades of experience as trial lawyers, and most importantly we care about our clients.